• The details entered on the following screen are a notification of claim only
  • A hard copy of the claim documents may be requested for verification of details
  • I/we hereby authorise any doctor or medical attendant who has treated me or examined me or any person or firm who employs or has employed me to give the insurer such information as it may require regarding any injury or illness to me or my physical or mental condition or prognosis, or my employment, to assist in the proof and settlement of my claim. A photocopy of this authority can be acted upon as if it were original

Where applicable please attach the following documentation if you are claiming for:

Accidental death of Insured Person

In the unfortunate event that the Insured Person is fatally injured following an accident, the following documentation should be submitted with the claim:

  • A copy of the death certificate.
  • Documents in support of the relationship between the deceased and the party making the claim (if applicable).
  • Police Investigation Report, Post Mortem or Toxicology Report (if any).
  • A Coroner’s Certificate with an investigation report and the coroner’s findings.
  • If the death occurred overseas and involved a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident, a letter confirming the death issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority.

Overseas medical expenses or Personal accident/weekly benefits

  • Itemised medical bills and receipts.
  • Medical report from the attending doctor.
  • Copies of medical certificates certifying the period the Insured Person was unfit for work.
  • MRI/CT Scan/Histology/X-Ray/Lab Reports (if applicable).

If making a claim under Expatriate Medical Policy or Group Personal Accident Policy, please also include:

  • A copy of your/the Insured Person’s passport and/or identity card.
  • A copy of the pay slips of the Insured Person for the six months preceding the accident or sickness (if a claim for weekly benefit is being made).

Cancellation/disruption of travel

  • Evidence of the delay or cancellation. This may include a letter from the airline or other transport provider confirming the delay or cancellation.
  • Details of any refund received or credit given by any airline, transport operator, hotel or other third party.
  • Evidence of any additional costs incurred by you due to the delay or cancellation.
  • Medical reports and/or other certification evidencing the bodily injury, sickness or death that led to the cancellation and disruption to the Insured Person’s journey (if applicable).

Baggage and personal effects

  • Proof of ownership of lost, damaged or stolen items (invoices and receipts).
  • Police and/or airline incident/event number.
  • Response from transport provider after claim for lost/delayed/damaged luggage.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to submit a claim for compensation to your transport provider BEFORE submitting a claim to us.

Personal Liability

  • Particulars and contact details for the third party.
  • Details of the nature and extent of the property damage (eg photos, videos).
  • Details of the bodily injury caused to a third party.
  • Details of the circumstances in which the damage arose.
  • Details of any witnesses to the incident including contact details.
  • Details of any claim submitted to you by a third party in writing.

IMPORTANT: At no time should you admit liability, settle or negotiate a claim without our prior approval. Instead the third party should be directed to contact BHSI.

Rental vehicle excess waiver

  • If you are involved in a motor accident, the incident should be reported to the police at the location where the incident took place within 24 hours. You should request for a copy of the police report and submit this to us with your claim.
  • Your vehicle rental agreement showing the excess amount charged by the rental company.
  • A copy of the repair invoice (please contact your rental company who will provide you a copy).
  • Proof of any towage charges incurred.